Norway awards license for Barents Sea southeast

Norway’s Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has awarded 10 licenses consisting of 40 blocks on the Norwegian continental shelf. Three of the licenses are in the Barents Sea southeast, outside Finnmark county. In all, 13 firms are offered participating interest. Source: News

KPMG: Price volatility driving energy business model changes

Volatile oil and natural gas prices have accelerated planning by energy executives to change their business models, KPMG Global Energy Institute said May 24 with the release of annual survey results of US senior energy executives. Source: News

House panel approves EPA ozone standards implementation bill

The US House Energy and Commerce Committee approved, by a 30-23 vote along party lines, legislation to help states implement federal ground-level ozone limits. HR 4775, which Rep. Pete Olson (R-Tex.) and five cosponsors introduced on Mar. 17, now heads to the full House floor for final consideration. Source: News

Watching Government: Tackling transportation issues

Simply because a problem has become somewhat less urgent doesn’t mean it’s no longer a problem. Volumes and shipments of crude oil and products by rail in the US may have fallen from their peaks in the last year or so, but it still matters how well states and communities can respond when there are […]

Commodity price plunge puts pressure on local governments

Some rural US communities that grew dramatically as nearby unconventional oil and gas resources were developed are facing unexpected problems since commodity prices plunged and producers scaled operations back, two Duke University researchers told a Washington audience. Source: News

Senators, witnesses list proposed 2017-22 OCS leasing program's flaws

Republican committee members and several witnesses leveled some of the strongest criticism yet of the US Department of the Interior’s proposed 2017-22 Outer Continental Shelf oil and gas program at a May 19 US Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing. Source: News

Tokens and gestures

Sometimes, it pays to fight tokenism with tokenism. US lawmakers serious about energy should defend a feature of bills passed by the House last year and the Senate last month that some will want to discard in a race for reconciliation, worried about a presidential veto. Source: News

Petroleum icons

Brand identity and brand loyalty is essential for businesses to survive and succeed in their respective industries. Restaurants, clothing, gas stations, and technology all hope to thrive on their brand or trademark to keep ahead of the competition. Source: News