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About Us

HF Alkylation Equipment is a stocking distributor and manufacturer’s representative for the world’s most advanced equipment technologies. The products include:

BIAR inline sampling systems for HF Alkylation service
Crane WTA bellows sealed globe valves for HF Alkylation service
Emerson Vanessa Triple Offset Valves (TOV) for HF Alkylation service
Flowserve Durco plug valves for HF and Sulfuric Alkylation services
Magnetic level indication (MLI’s) for HF Alkylation service

Our sales team has decades of experience coupled with a portfolio of quality products to help solve your toughest problems in this unique & exciting refining fields specific to HF Alkylation (HFA) & Sulfuric Alkylation (H2SO4) Processes.

The products and services HF Alkylation Equipment brings to market are:

  • With more than 40 years of manufacturing experience, WTA is a Crane ChemPharma & Energy brand offering bellows sealed block and control valves for HF alkylation units.

    Major features & benefits

    • Zero seat leakage – Stellite® 21 or Hastelloy® C276 seats
    • Zero stem leakage – Hastelloy® C276 bellows sealed technology
    • Zero external leakage – Level 2 castings, meeting ASTM A216 including Supplement S16
    • Easy to operate – Low turning torque
    • Located in Lindau, Germany
  • Triple offset valve (TOV) formally approved by UOP in August 2015 for HF alkylation service.  The TOV design is considered the future replacement valve for gate valves 8”, 300# and larger.

    Major features and benefits

    • Zero seat leakage – Tested per API 598, zero bubbles
    • Zero external leakage – WCB castings meet ASTM A216 including Supplement S16
    • Blowout proof stem per API 609
    • Fire Safe per API 607 with zero leakage through or external
    • SIL 3 Certified
    • UOP approved – HF-2, HF-20, HF-5, HF-50
    • Located/manufactured in Via Piacenza, Italy

    *   Note:  In 2017, Emerson completed the purchase of the valves & controls business from Pentair plc, which included the Vanessa line of triple offset valves.

  • DurcoLogo

    Sleeve-lined Monel®plug valves listed by UOP and the former Phillips HFA licensing groups in the late 70’s and early 80’s. And now pleased to also offer sleeve-lined plug valves for Sulfuric Alkylation. As the global master stocking distributor, our goal is to make sure an abundant amount of inventory is on the shelf to support Flowserve’s legacy distribution, integrated supply and black tie service center networks.

    Major features and benefits

    • Zero seat leakage – Tested per API 598, zero bubbles
    • Zero external leakage – Fire sealed per API 607 (leak out only)
    • Solid M35-1 Monel® body material, radiographed per MSS-SP-54
    • UOP approved – HF-1, HF-10, HF-2, HF-20, H-5, HF-50
    • Expanded offerings for Sulfuric Acid Alkylation service
    • Located/manufactured in Cookeville, TN USA
  • BIAR designs and manufactures inline sampling systems for pure or concentrated aqueous hydrofluoric acid sampling applications.

    Major features & benefits

    • Each system’s material of construction (MOC) is ultimately chosen by the customer based on the nature of their processing stream.
    • Basic components include a multi-function metallic valve with a bellows type seal, stuffing box, and leak detection port.
    • Each component is designed to promote convenience of operation, reliability, & safety for your HF sampling process.
    • Located/manufactured in Sembrancher, Switzerland

    Magnetic level indication for the replacement of sight glasses and tricocks used on storage vessels and seal pots.

    Major features and benefits

    • Solid Hastelloy® C276 chamber and float construction
    • Indication flags are solid metal construction
    • Both magnetostrictive and guided wave radar transmitters available